Sandra Bae mit Don’t Stop Me Now von Queen


Man kann nicht gerade sagen, dass der Song “Don’t Stop Me Now” von Queen ein leichtes Lied ist, um diesen auf die Gitarre zu transkribieren, aber der Gitarristin Sandra Bae ist dies offensichtlich gut gelungen.

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now (guitar) – Sandra Bae
As soon as I heard this song, I knew I just accepted myself a challenge for an arrangement.
This song brought me massive happiness and I hope you feel the same happiness while listening to my playing!
Sandra Bae ist damit ein Name, den man unbedingt auf der Agenta haben sollte. Dies sind die Infos, welche ich zu dieser jungen Dame gefunden habe:
name-Sandra Bae

age-17 (18 in Korea)

date of birth-22 September 1994

current location- Pennsylvania, United States of America


South Korean living in the USA

September 22, 1994 – still living

At age 5, my first musical instrument was the piano… which I still love.

And then the violin… which went downhill.

At age 12, I began taking guitar lessons. On the acoustic guitar, I learned the basics like chords and scales, quickly moving on to the electric guitar. I stopped taking lessons after two years but never stopped playing the electric guitar.

At age 14, I discovered fingerstyle. Not having anyone to teach me (except YouTube) had its pros and cons.

I play drums also. :)

So basically…

I love music and I’m still discovering its endless possibilities.

I have no tabs yet for any of my arrangements!

As a student, school has to come first and there’s not enough time. Sorry!

Please don’t ask me for tabs of others’ songs. It’s against the law or something!

I learn all of the songs through videos on YouTube. I figure out the tuning, listen for the feel, and play along. It usually takes a couple of days to finish learning a song but I practice for a few additional days to put it on YouTube because no matter how “flawless”, I always find improvements the more I play. Recently, I’ve started using tabs for some songs but it’s still easier to learn by videos for me.


The guitar on my first two videos (Taylor 514ce) is not mine, unfortunately. The Alvarez AD60CK, the orange dreadnaught, was a pre-owned guitar that my dad bought at a local music store. It was my brother’s but I slowly took over! :D It was never in a good condition to begin with but I try to maintain it.

My current guitar is a Schenk custom. It was a very nice experience to meet Rod Schenk, the masterclass guitar luthier.