Making history with honesty


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Remarkable that in times like these, where music has lost a lot of what it used to stand for, a young woman succeeded in marking the history of music with honest, self-written music.

Taylor Swift, recently announced as Billboard's woman of the year 2012, is one of the few successful musicians who has written all of the songs on all of her albums herself. Every song is based on her life experiences and therefore comes right out of her heart. Without pretending to be someone else, by being and staying herself, Taylor Swift has managed to achieve some things so far only achieved by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson.

The young woman, who released her first album at the age of sixteen, is the only woman in the music business to ever release three number one albums in a row, each selling more than five million copies. For her second album,“Fearless”, Taylor won a Grammy for “Album of the Year”, which made her the youngest person to ever win this award.

It is quite impressive how such a young person can be so successful and still stay so down-to-earth. Compared to other more or less equally successful women in the music business like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, Taylor Swift does not share the same constant craving for attention. She does not change the colour of her hair, or wears crazy clothes that no normal person would ever dare to wear. Taylor Swift convinces the audience with her naturalness and her love of music, which perfectly suits the style of her music. Her music does not raise attention because of a gorgeous voice or could ever be played in a club. It is natural, without a detracting amount of electronic effects. It is clear and simple, like her, and it is great to still have some successful musicians who actually care about music itself and not only the money it makes them.

von Sia am 11.07.2012